Brokerage / Boat Listings


Unimarina offers an UNIQUE protocol to communicate openly with partners, suppliers and clients at any scale that the business in interested (regional, national, continental, worldwide…). The protocol or STANDARD specifies a unique coding for each Marina and related businesses that ensures information and transactions are made securely and efficiently. Furthermore, Unimarina offers valuable CONTENT for any business interested in using the STANDARD, so clients and partners can be sure that fact sheets, position, suppliers, boatyard details… of each and every Marina are correct, as these are supervised by Unimarina.org, run for and by the Marina Industry. Unimarina also determines the business rules to make sure that BOAT LISTINGS are available to clients and partner brokers in the right way, always respecting the confidentiality of these transactions as per the personal data protection regulations in each country.


By integrating the XML interface in your website, you will be connected to the opportunity to do business in Boat Listingst. Wide Content is available, so are prices and conditions (depending on each vendor's policy) with the business rules determined by the industry and REVENUES to be made with the right customer service level. The only thing that a Yachter loves more than his current boat is his next boat. Offer Yachters and those related businesses a wide range of possibilities for boat listings, with your customer service in exchange for your margin.