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    industry to launch or expand your on-line activity"

  • "Want to go regional, national or GLOBAL in the nautical sector? Just assure the quality of your work, the rest is all here"

Unimarina.com is the result of applying the Marina Industry's know-how through its Experts' Committee on Unimarina.org to allow an easy, fast and SECURE access to a world of opportunities. If you are thinking about extending your current nautical business or you plan to set-up a new activity in this fascinating and professional sector, this might be just what you are looking for


Unimarina.com is the commercial site of the GDS-Marinas Project that is currently underway. This project is aimed at setting a STANDARD for IT transactions that have Marinas as participants. In its first phase, an EXPERTS' COMMITTEE made up of 10 top decision makers in the industry is working together with Travelport and Portbooker's team to validate the Marinas coding (worldwide), including countries and regions, to determine the business rules of transactions and present the STANDARD in an upcoming event (Nov 2013).

Plan starts from 500€/month